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Sunday, April 5, 2009

You Know You're in Switzerland When...You Wave Money At Jesus.

Spring. Glorious Spring.
I think it's almost here. Today we spent a lovely lovely afternoon down by the lake and we turned our faces to the sun for the few seconds that it appeared through the clouds.
We played Frisbee. I had to apologize to a few people that got hit by the Frisbee. I know the German word for sorry, which I used a number of times. However, I have no idea what their reply is.
No worries. Nice dress.
Stupid Cow. Can't you control that thing?!!
Who can tell? Thank goodness German classes start this Wednesday.

I went to a new church this morning and really liked it. It was Palm Sunday and all the kids were up the front singing a few tunes. The Pastor had a few questions for them. He was talking about the original Palm Sunday (Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey in a parade-like atmosphere with people waving palm branches). He then asked the kids what they thought a parade would look like in Switzerland if Jesus came and what people would wave, since there are no palm branches here. The first answer?

I've got 10 days off in 5 days time. I'm not sure what to do with this time. I'm hoping to join a couple of other au pairs on a trip to Berlin, Prague and Vienna. I'm hoping to buy train tickets tomorrow. I have no idea. How does one plan a trip like that?! Where do you even begin?!

Oh, and in other rather exciting news, I went to France yesterday. To the toilet. I walked across the border. Toilet. And back. And repeat sometime later in the day. I'm glad my first experience of this great country was so fulfilling and enthralling. It's a memory I'll treasure forever.
More on yesterday perhaps tomorrow. 'night.


  1. I used to live in Vienna! I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Usually after you say Entschuldigung they answer something like this " Es macht nicht" what means roughly "Nothing bad was done by you" : )- kind of German "no worries".

    I am very glad you learn foreign language. it is good excercise for the mind and it shows that English language is not the only one in the world : )

    I neer could understand why they used to wave the palm leaves. Money is more reasonable :P for someone drving a donkey instead of big car.