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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sliding Down a Fireman's Pole is Harder Than it Looks.

After my rather eventful night on Saturday night and morning with Mr winking Policeman on Sunday, I was ready for a sleep.
I said goodbye to the policeman and looked at the time and realized that it was much later than I thought.
I had a very important meeting penciled into my diary.

Well, actually I don't have a diary, but if I did it would have been in it.

I was meeting fellow blog people face to face. Yes, we do have faces. We were meeting at the Zurich Google Office for a tour and initial meeting and then heading to a coffee shop for a larger gathering.

And now, because of worst nightmare and follow up visit from a winking policeman, I was going to be rather late.

I got out of the house and onto the train after getting ready in record time and without really finding out where the Google office was. How hard could it be? I just had to look for a big Google sign, right?

I got to the station where I knew the office was and after having a look around, I asked a couple waiting for the bus.
When the lady said, "Google....hmmm...does that have to do with computers?" I knew it had been a bad choice of unsuspecting help.
I moved onto the couple next to them and they, again, wanted to help, but obviously had no idea.
Along the line I moved again (literally) and the next lady could tell me where the old Google office was and had a vague idea where the new one was and so I followed her vague directions.
She was right, it was quite a hike, but I was only a little late. I'm not Swiss, and I've only been here for 2 months so I tell myself this is a pardonable sin.

It was quite bizarre meeting people, who, before this point, had been no more than text on a web page. But such a lovely bizarre meeting. I really really enjoyed it. Much more than I thought I would (walking into a room of complete strangers is not one my favourite tasks!).
So good to put faces to names and meet so many new friends!

And the Google offices - ahhhhhh.
I have decided I think I should work for Google.
To help me with this decision, I have started a pros and cons list.

  • Floors/Levels with themes - including a yellow one.
  • Little conference rooms in old ski gondolas.
  • A fake library with a fake fire.
  • Computer IT help on site.
  • Super nice people work there (well, the ones I met were super nice)
  • White Kit Kat Chunky bars just waiting for people to eat them in baskets everywhere.
  • 2 Firemen's poles and a slippery slide at different locations throughout the building if you're feeling the need for a lift-alternative.
  • Kitchens everywhere with gleaming coffee machines. Mmm.
  • No Engineering or IT degree.

After seeing it all so clearly laid out, I don't know why I didn't think of this before.

After the blogger coffee experience (which included us taking up half of the shop and a waiter who was obviously on a too-much coffee high) I met up with Ma and Pa and MLFs to take MLFs home via the train whilst Ma and Pa enjoyed some Cinema action.

The train - a fun experience with MLF3. She kept repeating our station over to herself and then to me to check she had it right, and whenever the voice-over would come on she would sshhhh us so that she could make sure we got home ok.

I did spend half the trip ready to make a run for it if Mr Ticket Inspector showed his face. I didn't have a ticket for MLF2 and didn't realize until we were halfway home. And I know an au pair who got caught with her ticket-less child on the train and they had to go to the Police Station where they accused her of kidnapping. And slapped with her with a large fine.
Needless to say, this story was present in my mind but thankfully we got home-free.

I plan to include a list of these wonderful blogs on this blog soon...so keep an eye out.
Also keep an eye out for white Kit Kat chunky bars and fake-order-online Engineering or IT degree certificates. I'm keen for either. Or both.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the tour. And the Kit Kats.

    And there are more than just engineering roles open at the Zurich office -- http://www.google.ch/intl/en/jobs/