...I suspect I may be the luckiest kid in the world

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saving the World

Y´all can thank me later.
Today I saved the world.
I saved the world from another sock-and-sandal-wearer. 
MLF3 (7 years) put her sandals on, ready to leave for school.  I managed to keep my recoiled horror under control and took a deep breath.
"Oh.  You´re going to wear your socks with your sandals today?" I squeaked casually.  My voice was abnormally high, but I don´t think she noticed.  Poor kid, I so often speak with ridiculous accents and quote movie lines at her that it all comes normally now.
She nodded with a shrug.  Why not?  I mean, the blue stripey bed socks with the 3/4 jeans and the sandals...it´s cool, right?
Thankfully, she looked for confirmation at MLF2 (11 years), who shook her head with a look of sadness.  Or was that disgust.
Even more thankfully, she peeled off those socks and braved the day (close to 30 degrees!) wearing sandals without socks.
Saving the world.  It´s just what I do.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

+2 years

Wow.  The last time I wrote on this blog was almost 2 years ago!  That´s crazy.  I´d just left Switzerland, had moved back home and decided to go to uni.  Since then, I´ve randomly blogged on my other blog, but I´ve been a little, ah, sporadic. 
I thought it might be appropriate to ressurect this blog because I´ve moved back to Switzerland.  I´m not sure how long I´ll be here for, but I´ve returned to the au pair world yet again and feel a little like I´ve gone back in time. I still can´t afford anything in this crazily expensive city, and I still continually find myself running for trains. I´m also back living with my 3 favourite Swiss girls and making their beds every morning (among other things).
Some things have changed though.  Some of my favourite people who lived here last time don´t live here anymore and I have to meet new favourite people.  I´m studying a little bit through uni back at home, and my 3 favourite Swiss girls are a little older and sometimes make their own beds in the morning!
It´s hard to start again somewhere.  I feel like I´ve done it a LOT lately.  But I´m ever so glad to have the chance to live here again and to create new stories.  And who doesn´t love a good story?
Thanks for joining!