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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rain? Check.

We're away at the moment. In our snowy village far far away.
I quite like it when they are on school holidays - everything is a bit more relaxed. MLF 3 sleeps til at least 9:30 and MLF1 & MLF2 play very happily until she wakes and we have breakfast.
They would stay in the pajamas and read and play with their PlayMobile all day if we let them.

Alas on Tuesday at about 4PM Pa decided it was time for a walk and everyone got out of the PJ's.
I knew I should go. After all, I had been inside all day.
But I was somewhat relieved when it was raining outside. Shame. And I was so looking forward to a bout of exercise.
Unfortunately this didn't seem to faze them. Sure, they have waterproof jackets.
I was promised peppermint cordial at the other end, at the restaurant out of the village, through the forest, and at the top of the hill.

Once we started walking I had to talk myself into the spirit of it all.
It would be refreshing. Invigorating. I could dance in the rain. I could organize a parade.
I had to try and not think about the fact that I was wearing my one pair of pants, sole pair of shoes (haha - just call me Les!) and only jacket (not waterproof, as previously discussed).
But it was good, and the view was magnificent. And the lovely lady at the restaurant put our coats to dry whilst we were there.
And the peppermint cordial? 'Twas pretty good, although it cost $5AU - for a glass of cordial!

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  1. You could get a whole bottle of cordial for $2:50, although probably not peppermint.