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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lady Muck & And A Stuck Truck

Yesterday I walked past Napoleon Dynamite. I'm serious. I know he's a fictitious character, but I saw him for real. He walked past me in the street.
I was so busy looking at Napoleon Dynamite that I almost crossed the road without looking.
I stopped in time.
The elderly lady in front of me, however, almost got run over by a tram. I yelled, 'No Wait!'
In hindsight, I realize this was not a clever thing to say. I need to learn to say this in German. You never know when it will come in handy.

After this close call, I sat down to wait for my train. And smelt the woman next to me. And she smelt really good. I do not normally go around smelling people but this was an exception. I was all over her like a dog his dinner. I could drink whatever perfume she was using.
Note to self: Start wearing perfume. And, no, going into the Perfume section at Co Op regularly to test does not count.

I knew Pa was going away for a few days. The suitcase gave it away. I thought he was going to a neighbouring country. However, as he was walking out the door yesterday morning he mentioned he was going to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. As you do.

She seems to have it all. Her clothes make me drool. I often think about stealing them. And her shoes - to die for.
She somehow has me doing everything she says and the world revolves around her pretty much every waking moment. How is this so? How has she accomplished so much in her life?
She's four. How can this be?

And in other news (yes, besides intense jealousy of MLF3) I saw a stuck truck.
I don't know how he got as far as he did, but Mr Truck Driver was not happy. And he kept revving the guts out of the truck but he was stuck for sure and certain. Under the train bridge. He'll probably have to live there forever.


  1. Hehe you were talking to me just after or during the truck incident! I think you were getting your camera?
    I sent you a post card from my holiday in Dubbo today! Not sure how long it takes for a post card to get to sweeden?
    Thought that I would mention although I like the colour scheme of this blog (Go the Knights) it really hurts my eyes. Im really hoping that it isn't my age, just the colours.

  2. and i'm sure he was thrilled by the amount of photographs you were taking!