...I suspect I may be the luckiest kid in the world

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Job Motivation: Increase of Ego

If nothing else, being an au pair is good for your ego.  You are followed around by kids who you cook and clean for (therefore, who wouldn´t love you!?) and who you teach to make braids and plaits and buns in their hair.  You can impress them with the cool apps on your phone and you can teach an 8 year old how to Borrow and Subtract for the first time ever (no mean feat!).  You can by some raw talent make muffins that taste the same (that is, awesome) every time and your (rusty and somewhat simple) piano playing skills exceed that of anyone they´ve ever known personally.

I love these girls.  Today, quite seriously, they told me:
You should play in concerts.  I would pay to come and hear you play.
You should make a CD.  You can sing better than the people on the radio. 
(and whilst we were listening to/watching Youtube) Why don´t you sing and make videos like this?  You could be famous.

But, by far, my favourite comment of the day, was: Your salad sauce is good. 
Finally. After almost 2 years of trying to make salad sauce, today it was good.  Mission complete.   

And in other news, it snowed in the city this week.  Which is CRAZY because its still only October.  On Monday, I happened to be out for a walk at sunset, in the snow, for a full moon rise, with a 360° view and it was lovely enough to make a video :)

Actually, I change my mind.  My favourite comment of the day was just as I was saying goodnight. N (13 years): I really like you very much

It makes your heart happy.  I really like you too.  Your English could use a little work, but I really really like you.