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Monday, April 13, 2009

See. Remember?

I'm in Prague.
And once again I feel surrounded by that which is unknown. The difference in language really throws me - whilst we were in Berlin I at least felt like I had some idea of what I was reading - signs, directions, ads etc.
And so I am content to walk around in hazy confusion. And to just watch. And eat.

Berlin was ah-mazing. To visit the Berlin Wall was something really special. Even as I type I'm not sure what to say about it. But I felt like I was reliving history. To see this part of history that is relatively recent was eye-opening. We went on a fantastic tour with a fantastic guide and I felt like I learnt more about WW2 especially in 4 hours than I ever learnt at school. (No fault of yours, Mum & Dad! :))

I stayed with a friend of a friend and was able to get the inside info (yay for me!) on Berlin which was pretty cool. And more of a feel for the place. And so lovely of a stranger to put me up in their apartment!

I woke up on Sunday and felt a little sad that for the first in many years I had not attended a Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday. I felt very far away from home. But perhaps more than other years I spent much of the weekend remembering. I saw a poll on the internet that was asking if Easter was a time for reflection on your faith. I'm not sure why, but this stood out to me and has been a good reminder to reflect on my faith.
The two phrases that have been running rampant in my head are
King of my Heart
and Hallelujah - for all You've done.
And its been really good to reflect upon these.
-To ask myself, is Jesus the King of my heart, and thus my actions? And, if this is true - what does this look like? How does that play out in life, in reality?
-To be reminded of what I know He has done - in my life and in my relationships. And to be thankful, and grateful. And to stop and be in awe of a God who is unable to be boxed and who is worthy of awe.

I went to a German church on Sunday night. A friend from Zurich had connected me with a friend of hers that went to this Youth Church. Her friend translated much of the service for me which I am so thankful for. It was just a good reminder of truth and good to be surrounded by unknown friends who are on the same journey.

On the way home from the Church I felt something of missing home. Of missing friends and family. And I actually verbalized to God that I really really wanted something of Him in another person. That I wanted something familiar and true and good and friendly. Perhaps a friend?

I bought some food and the lady who served me was so lovely. Her face was so - kind. And then she gave me extra chicken. :) I felt some extra love inserted into me at that point.

The tram driver went out of his way to show me the way home. He even got out of the tram to point me in the right direction. And, again, somehow I felt loved.

And then it was almost like God said me: See. Remember? Sometimes I work like that. Sometimes I work through people. Perhaps even people who aren't even conscious of it. See. Remember?

And so I want to see. And I want to remember. I want to look for ways that this God, this King of my heart, is working. I want my eyes to be opened to goodness and to truth. I want to search for it.
I want to see. And I want to remember.


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  2. that was beautiful kylie.
    Thanks for the reminders...
    Love you

  3. lovely kylie, this post drove me to tears. I relived my adventure in Australia while reading. Thanks

  4. Just beautiful Kylie ... but I'd stick to humour if I were you, the 'warm and fuzzy' really only works with family.

    And, always be careful buying chicken! Salmonella has a very direct way of taking your focus off 'inserted love' and onto train station stainless steel toilets.

    Nearly finished your room

    Dave and the richards, and caleb

  5. Heya Kylie~
    Thanks for sharing... I am loving reading your thoughts and seeing your heart... thank you
    Love and Stars