...I suspect I may be the luckiest kid in the world

Monday, May 18, 2009

Why Does This Always Happen To Me?

So last night I was coming home from a weekend in Vevey.
It had been such a good weekend, but I was rather tired.
I had been on a gigantic hike and seen so many amazing views that my eyes were tired.

I finally arrived in HB and after a slight detour to the cheeseburger factory (aka MacDonalds) I made it to my platform and waited for my train.

Did you know that people judge you if you get a Happy Meal from MacDonalds and you're not a kid?
Seriously, they do. I can't quite explain the look, but I can see their eyes go from me to the happy meal back to my face and then to my really cool shoes. Actually, they would look at my really cool shoes if I had any.

Size 41 people. Give me your really cool size 41 shoes.

From the cashier at McD's to the lady walking her horse through HB they all give me this disapproving look. It's like I've stolen their kid's meal or something.
(Ok maybe it wasn't a horse - it could have been a giant dog).

And the cashier gave me a boy's toy. Do I look like a boy?

I got on my train. I had my IPod on and Why Does This Always Happen To Me by Weird Al came on. Don't judge me; it just came on.

Why Does It Always Happen To Me video clip (some violent scenes)

It's funny, you've got to admit. He starts off with lamenting how this earthquake killed all these people in Peru and then breaks into song about how that news update on TV interrupted the Simpsons.

My train left HB and got to the next station and we sat there for a while. And then it started to go back the way it came! I was like, Noooooo.....!
I started banging on the door and hitting the windows but it would not let me off.

Turns out they were fixing something further down the line and I couldn't take the train home. Instead I had to take the tram and then the train.
I was pretty grumpy about this. Not happy Jan. This added more than an hour onto my trip and I wouldn't get home til midnight, luckily catching the last train home, but only just.

But then I had to laugh at myself. Here I was thinking Why does this always happen to me? when really, it doesn't. And there are bigger things to be grumpy about.

Like getting a boy's toy in my Happy Meal.


  1. The cheeseburger factory???????????? hehehehehe
    I tell you. they'll kill you Kylie! That was a very funny blog. :-)

  2. I suspect that someone's been cross-breeding dogs with horses. The people I'm staying with own a couple of great danes, and are also looking after some horses. They're fairly similar in size.
    One day the actual Dane came to visit, and one of the dogs kept coming and standing in front of him every time he tried to walk somewhere. They're also quite similar in size. I laughed.

  3. It made me happy to understand the "not happy Jan." :) Thank you, Kylie!