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Saturday, May 30, 2009


I think I am able to diagnose MLF3. She has Scoleciphobia.

Each morning I make her bircher and obviously she thinks I am a good bircher-maker because she eats it.
However, I don't think she trusts me.
The other morning I found her carefully checking through her bircher before she ate any. When I questioned her she said she was looking for worms.


I said there were no worms in her bircher. She kept looking.
I asked her if she had ever had any worms in her bircher before. She didn't think so.

I reassured her that I was sure there were no worms in her breakfast. I don't know whether she believed me or whether she'd finished her own search and found my statement to be true.

This has since happened again, thus forcing me to diagnose her with
Scoleciphobia: the fear of worms.

We now have an unspoken understanding. I check for worms before I give it to her. She gets to eat a worm-free breakfast. Everyone wins.


  1. What? I didn't know there were worms in my bircher. Why didn't anyone tell me this???


  2. how did you get that cool category list over the side of your blog? where it says 'aussie-patrioticness' and etc.?

  3. Hey Kylie, just checking to see if you've got my message over at the swiss expat bloggers site?

  4. i love your stories kylie!!! and you :)
    love ash