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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Clear Concert, I mean Conscience

This afternoon I did a walk by of the venue. Checking out my options, seeing what was available.
I really wanted to go.
I saw the band's cars outside. I could tell they were inside. I just knew.

I didn't catch sight of them, however I did walk through the shooting of a scene from probably an A Grade movie. I'll probably be famous.

Then I had an internal battle. I could skip my German class. It was possible. I'm pretty fluent already.
But I was supposed to babysit tonight and Ma had taken the girls with her to an appointment so that I could make German class.

I couldn't skip out on babysitting for a concert with a clear conscience.

Actually, forget the clear conscience. I need an foggy conscience for later on in the story.

The other obstacle was that it cost 60CHF to get into this concert. A hefty price, let me tell you. Does he think the Swiss are rich or something?

So, I've got no options left. I'm sitting in German class, having saved myself 60CHF but really wishing I had spent it.

So on the way home, I got off at the station where the concert was. Why, I'm not sure. It was probably nearly over anyway.

As I neared the entry I spotted a Suitable Candidate. Leaving the concert early due to other commitments or some such nonsense.
In my best scalper's voice, I muttered, Wanna sell a ticket?

I think I probably confused her. Scalpers normally sell tickets, not offer to buy them.

And, in hindsight, I don't know what I was thinking offering the buy her ticket.
I had about 3CHF worth of change in my purse, with a few Euros.

Maybe I could buy a corner of her ticket. A small one.

She replied with some such nonsense about them taking it from her when she left the venue.
A likely story.

And so I hung around the entrance. I could watch the concert on the big screens inside and this mostly was fulfilling. Along with the faint musical sounds I could hear, it was pretty much the real deal.

It was almost as good as the time I really wanted to go to a similar concert, but couldn't, and so my sister rung me and I listened to the whole concert on the phone.
Don't feel sorry for me. And no pitiful looks please.

There was so much security hanging around the door that it made it kind of hard to walk in. But, waiting in the dark shadows paid off and then the doors were open for a minute and the security were missing.
I think they wanted me to come in.

And so I did. This is the part of the story where I need a foggy conscience.

And it was so good. I got to be in there for the last 5 songs, which everyone knows are the best anyway.

And I clapped and cheered and danced like I'd been there the whole time. Really, I was just taking the place of my Suitable Candidate. I was doing her clapping and cheering for her.

A clear conscience and a good deed.



  1. Are we talking Michael here? So cheeky!

  2. Conscience is the little bit inside that feels bad when everything else feels good.
    I had a conscience once

  3. go kylie...LOL u naughty little thing..

  4. Very amusing story. Love that you actually made it into the venue. These are the sort of things I wish I were brave enough to do...

  5. That is a great story... you are a rebel rouser aren't you!?!? :) We need to catch up for wedges and beer at the Aussie pub.... for sure.