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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Short End of The ... Banana.

I don't know how this happened.
She doesn't like the end of the banana. You know, the pointy end with the little hard, well... point. She'll chew up to the last inch and then hand it to me.

When did I become the person that eats it?

How did this happen? She's not my child (perhaps it's acceptable when it is?)

Since when did it become easier to pop that banana end into my mouth than find a rubbish bin?
It was so subtle I didn't even see it coming. No warning, just one day I wake up eating her banana ends.

I never thought it would come to this. MLF3, you have me wrapped around your little ... banana end.

And, in other news: If anyone is wondering what to give an 8 year old for their birthday, I have the answer.

No need to spend money on expensive gadgets, games or clothes.
Instead: just give them a tea-light candle. They will unwrap their expensive gifts (and be very happy with them by the way) and then make wax tips for their fingers from the candles on the table. This game entertains for hours. The presents are forgotten; white fingers are the new black.

Happy Birthday MLF2!


  1. It is an ancient initiation ceremony set up by the Swiss in 1847 (I'm surprised you didn't study this Kylie). That if the sucker actually does take the mangy banana end into her actual (!!!!) mouth, she is definitely worth keeping and will be henceforth accepted into the community, and appointed honorary position of general soggy end swallower. Well done, Kylie! You passed with flying colours! (This particular ceremony was attempted in our house when Harri was but a mere dot, and the sucker just wouldn't be in it!) Thanks for the giggle!!

  2. Well Kylie~
    After reading this I have determined you are one of the best blog writers i have ever read! Thus concludes my comment that comes now, write a book. I mean it you are a great writer! anyways it's just a suggestion! Missing you my friend!
    Love and Stars

  3. please stop eating her banana ends...its embarrassing..

  4. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! You eat her banana ends??? How about eating your own banana ends instead of giving them to me then.

  5. Kylie! forget about George, too bad I didn't bump into YOU over the weekend! It would have been so fun to see you. I actually was thinking about you a bit while I was there; I wonder if I spotted you out of the corner of my eye and it didn't fully register, but was just enough to make me go, "oh....Kylie. I wonder how she is!?" :) Hope you had a great weekend and didn't get too sunburned! You didn't camp in Bellagio, did you? cuz if we were at the same campsite...I'll be really amused.

  6. Huh! You never ate my banana ends!