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Monday, May 4, 2009

Synchronized Relaxation

Spring has sprung and yesterday was so beautiful.
Problem was, everyone in Zurich thought so and they all apparently decided to come and picnic at the same place as I.

Just this last week, I was re-telling MLF3 the story of the Berenstain's Bears - The Bear's Picnic, from which the following illustration is from.
And then yesterday I felt like I was a part of the story (see above photo...)

For a country that has a reputation of citizens generally keeping to themselves, the Swiss don't seem to mind group relaxation. I find it bizarre. But I guess I come from Australia - land of the wide open spaces - where you can picnic in peace.
I'm thinking this could be the next tourism punchline for Australia.
Australia. Picnic in Peace.

I'm loving Spring here - it's such an obvious change. Having said that, today is an overcast grouchy day, but yesterday ... by the lake ... kind of covers for it.


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  2. We were at a park yesterday afternoon in Basel and talking about the same thing...most especially the way they lie around in bikinis in public parks in the middle of the city! how odd. The togetherness is almost growing on me and I at least (usually) don't mind it now. But I'd NEVER go to a park in Oregon that was so crowded. One or two other families is enough for me to pack up and find my own green spaces.

  3. Love parks in Zurich. It almost feels like Central Park by the lake. (Almost)

  4. wait a minute... I was there too! Sunday! For real! Must have missed you among the crowd huh?
    But we merely walked by; no place to sit, apparently :D

  5. I saw you walking to the Stadelhofen train station as I was having an early dinner at Mishio... would have said hi but you looked like you were off to catch a train. :) Glad you enjoyed the afternoon!

  6. Steph: I know! That's it exactly. And the bikinis in the middle of the city is quite odd, now that I think about it!!
    YT: Funny you should say so. That day I asked a friend if they'd ever been to Central Park and was it like this?!
    Juanita: I wish I'd seen you! We have to plan a Brocki Crawl!
    Romy: I also wish I'd seen you! You should have said hello! I've gotten used to not recognizing anyone. :)