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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Operation: Sweet About Me

Never been too fussed about Gabriella Cilmi.
Her song 'Sweet About Me' must have been overplayed on the radio and I can't say I'm a fan - at all.

I haven't felt that I've really connected with MLF's so much. I mean, I really like them - they're very sweet but there hasn't been a real connection. I think the language comes into it somehow - it definitely makes things harder but it shouldn't make it impossible.

And then tonight it was one of those moments when you just want to freeze. Freeze time so that you can take a good look around so that later it'll still be fresh and clear.

MLF3 and I were hanging out before bed and I told her I could play her favourite song on the guitar. 'The Winner Takes It All' has been her #1 for the last week or so. Which I don't mind at all - (and no, I didn't force her to like it. Nor have I been playing it to her subconscious while she is sleeping).

Needless to say, she jumped at the chance and soon we were together in ABBA land. (Sweden?)

MLF1 came bounding down the stairs as soon as she heard me. She was so excited that I was singing ABBA.
(Seriously - how lucky am I that I look after 3 girls that ADORE ABBA. It's like it was meant to be).

MLF3 left to find MLF2, and MLF3 found song after song in her book for me to play. And she sidled up next to me and put her arm around me and sang with me.
I was so happy I could have cried. Or laughed. Whatever you do when you're happy.

I remember being 10 years old. It was hard to express myself in a true way. I still find it quite difficult.
I love that music reaches people in a way that allows them to express themselves truly.

She really wanted me to play ''Sweet About Me' and I begrudgingly did so. And it was then that she put her arm around me and sidled up. And it sounds strange, but when she did so, I felt accepted by her. Not that I need her acceptance, but it was good all the same. Like she was saying that she could put up with me as her au pair for the next year.

And that was a sweet moment.


  1. You play guitar? I have such a platonic crush on you. That's awesome.

    Hooray for bonding. Those days are the good days.

  2. Bless you Kylie - I know you will be making it real for those girls. They're lucky to know you.

  3. ABBA lives on in the hearts of a new generation.....
    Mum oxoxox

  4. love that kylie - as i am loving your blog...and totally identify with the 10 yr old thing - i reckon sometimes alot more can be said through music/art....