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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

He Who Hesitates is Lost (But Sometimes it's not Their Fault!)

Tuesday afternoons involve horse riding lessons.
Thankfully, they don't involve me mounting said horse or any such nonsense. We all know how that story would go.

It does however, include me driving a big car with 4 girls in the back for a half hour each way. This trip includes many MANY requests on CD, song and volume change (I now know why this frustrated my parents so much) but it is a spectacular view all the way there.
Not that I would *cough* know; I'm *cough* concentrating on driving.

Today it included a rather large detour. The turn-off for horse-riding was closed and apparently a detour was in place.
It wasn't.
I ended up getting further and further away on the highway having no idea where I was and the poor girls were a bit tense.
We were going to be late.
They show stress in different ways.
MLF2's body tenses up and she is very alert but very quiet. I hear an audible sigh when stressful situation passes.
MLF3 just sits there singing to herself. And repeatedly asking for more music.
MLF1 is most helpful when I have no clue to our location. She is remarkably clear-headed and sensible and clever for a 10 year old.

I finally exited the highway and after asking for directions from some poor unsuspecting Swiss farmers I followed my nose and we made it to the lesson only 12 minutes late.
I was quite proud of myself. My nose had worked quite well.

I think the horse hair or something affected it though, because the trip home was too eventful.
I missed the first turn off because I simply didn't recognize it. Walk it off.
I missed the second one because MLF3 says the next right when we are passing that next right.
I missed the third one due to a disagreement between MLF1 & MLF2 as to the correct path.

And so it was no surprise when MLF1 kindly pointed out our street and said I should turn left.
And I proceeded to feel as small as MLF3.


  1. Oh Kylie~
    You crack me up! Loving reading your blog! Darn Swiss turns making everything difficult with make believe detours!
    Love ya!

  2. I would be peeing in my pants had it been me.

    Few years ago, I've had the task of chauffering a few "MLF"s (borrowing your term here), to strange new places. (Oh yes, I've had my fair share of Time With Not-my-Children.) Man, was that stressful...
    But thank goodness for those "MLF"-navigating systems -- 10 - 12 years old and sharp as tack!