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Friday, June 5, 2009

Week At A Glance

Well after almost a week of no blogging (what is the world coming to?!) I'm finally sitting down to type out some events of the past very busy week.
And I'm eating a citron and pepper chocolate. I've been slowly working my through it today wondered at each piece what the bite was.
Now I read the package and it's pepper.
Strange. But good.


The week in a blur:

Saturday - I discovered the most amazing markets ever. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. 100's of stalls with other people's junk - is there anything better?

Sunday - Somebody had the bright idea for a bunch of us to bike around the Lake of Zug (this may have been me). It's about 40-50 kms around (I think?!) which, I have to say, is a pretty good effort for me.
And for my legs and behind, both of which were quite vocal in their I told you so's in the following days.

But it was a beautiful day and view. We hired bikes for free! which was great, although a couple of the bikes did have baby seats on the back. (Which, btw, were not secure enough to put kids in. They worked well for backpacks though.)

Monday - I was catching the train at 5:59 AM to explore some Swiss Alp-ness. It was an amazing day where I saw too many beautiful things including the highest free-falling waterfall in Europe and also the Trummelbach falls.

We caught the bus, boat and train and I learnt that you can never use your Eurail pass on the Berner Oberland Bahn. Do this, and you will get sent back to section C. The poor tourists next to us were humiliated when the ticket inspector held up their ticket and called the whole carriage to attention, announcing that these tickets were not valid for this train.
He then sent them out of the train and back to section C.
I think they have forced labour back there in section C.

Tuesday - this was my 100th day in Switzerland (yay for me!) but generally not a very enjoyable day. However, I felt much better when an anonymous (but inexperienced with pressure cookers) friend informed me that she had just got pasta all over the kitchen and stuck on the roof.
Perhaps my day wasn't so bad after all.

- We had MLF2's birthday party and I surprised myself by sprouting off a few German words and phrases to the kids. She got some really cool presents (or mega-cool as the kids say) and I'm thinking about inviting the same kids to my birthday party.

- MLF's and I tried to make squishy ballons with flour without a funnel. Didn't work. We somehow managed to get more flour over ourselves than in the balloons.

- MLF1 left the house in the morning in a bad mood and I certainly didn't want the
mood to continue when she came home for lunch.
Enter ABBA. I had ABBA playing at a decent volume when she entered the house and I could literally see a change in her body language. Taking note of that one for next time...


  1. For you, ABBA, changes everything

  2. Ok, I give up. What *is* ABBA???