...I suspect I may be the luckiest kid in the world

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This family has taken security to a whole new level.
Yesterday I was tidying rooms and making beds etc with My Little Friend Number 3 (henceforth to be known as MLF3). She was following me around and chatting - some I understood, some - not so much.
Then she picked up her toy camera and said "Smile!"

I, being the ever-agreeable au pair, of course turned around and gave her a winning cheesy grin.
Then the flash went off.

And I thought, 'That's cool - a kid's camera with a working flash.'

Then she turned the camera towards me and asked if I wanted to see myself. And there I was.
Cheesy grin and all.
Apparently this toy camera works and has batteries and a flash.
I laughed to myself and thought, 'Any cool toys that we used to have when I was kid - never had batteries. They always ran out too fast.'

Unfortunately MLF3 then followed me around for quite some time. Snapping away.
Me making the beds.
Me opening the shutters.
Folding clothes.
Tidying the bathroom.

I had to wonder whether her parents put her up to it. To see if I actually do anything during the day.
For a 4-year old, she is pretty smart.
I wonder if she charges per job. Or if she works on commission?


  1. We never got cameras when we were four! In fact, I don't even have a camera now!!

  2. well sorry about those batteries!!!!!!!you could have asked pop for some.Mum