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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Me and the Door. And the Jolly Green Jumper

A quick post before I sleep off walking many miles today in Lucern.
It was such an excellent day - Nicole and I explored many places and only got lost a few times.

Firstly - I have a bit of a thing for small doors. I'm not sure when this started but I've been collected a few photos here and there - just me and the door.
I'm thinking this will be a good album name for my debut album: Me and the Door.
Today I was having my photo taken - just me and the door and then Jolly Green Jumper jumped into my photo. I do not know Jolly Green Jumper; He does not know me.
I don't think we even exchanged any words. He probably spoke German. I do not.

This awakened a desire within my to jump in other people's photos. I'm thinking I'll start small - you know, just small tourists and could build my way up to weddings and then modeling. Perhaps I'll even get famous.

Watch and Learn.
When we were coming back on the train tonight (Gleis7 - ahah Inspector Ticket) I noticed an evading boy and girl. They were good at blending in with their surroundings at first but then it became all too obvious to me. Lurking in the loo, hiding on the stairs. And watching for Inspector Ticket behind large newspapers. And leaving the carriage once it was all clear. Beware evading boy and girl. Fare evasion costs an all too recent memory of $80 CHF.


  1. BAHAHAHHA! LOVE IT! jolly green jumper! classic! that is so cleverly funny!
    do it!

  2. Hmmmm,yes good point Hannah. You did get his number didn't you Kylie?
    He could take you to his leader and together you be the Jolly Green Jumpers! YOU COULD RULE THE WORLD!!