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Monday, March 9, 2009

And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street

I love the Dr Suess book - And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street. I was telling a friend about it the other day. In it, a father tells his child to be aware of what he sees throughout the day so that he can come home and tell his dad all about it. Some pretty amazing things happen in the book - and I had a few little inner laughs today as I explored some new streets of Zurich.

A lady dressed in red with a very large basket of strawberries.
I think she chose strawberries because they matched her outfit. And she ate them in the space of 15 minutes. From Zurich HB to about Kusnacht Goldbach.
I couldn't believe it. I was
wishing I was wearing red so that she might offer me one. Or two.
Then she unwrapped a beautiful box of chocolates. But she was just looking. She re-wrapped and put them back in her bag.
They wouldn't have matched her outfit.

A young punk with a musical instrument case on his back. A violin perhaps? I started to follow him as I had been searching for the Zurich Music Conservatorium. Just to have a look. I followed him for a few minutes - inconspicuously of course. He'd stop and turn around. And I would be engrossed with my watch.
Or oops! My shoelace needed tying.
Alas, he lead me to ... his motorbike. Not the Music Con.

A man in black - the national Swiss colour. He was wrapped up in so many layers, in fact it was hard to find him. I asked him if he knew where the train station was. He apologized - he didn't speak English. And then I apologized - I didn't speak German. So I put my hands in a questioning pose and asked for the bahnhoff. He then rattled off a big long list of directions - in German of course. After many wild gestures, I set off in the general direction. I think I need to take an express German course.

Peter Dinklage - only much taller. You know the actor who plays Trumpkin in Prince Caspian and the dwarf in Death at a Funeral? Today he was running really fast towards me. Except he was much much taller. And he was huffing and puffing and looking really angry.
Ok, so if it wasn't Peter Dinklage, then maybe this man needs to team up with him - so that he can play both short and tall characters.
I tried to tell him this as he shot past me, but he didn't seem to keen.
His loss.

Half a dozen little kids on little kiddy cars trying to cross the road. With only one adult. They all looked about 2. Apparently kids develop early in Switzerland. But seriously, I really wonder what they were doing. First one across is the winner??

Lots and lots of people at Brocki-Land. I felt somehow connected to them all. I walked in and instantly felt at home :) It seriously is the thrill of the hunt for me at second-hand stores. I love it. It was huge - I kept rounding corners and going down stairs to find aisles and aisles of stuff. So much stuff. I didn't really need anything but it was therapy just to look...
But of course, I couldn'
t leave empty handed.
I left Brocki-Land quite some time after I entered and when I left it was snowing. I need to
become more swiss and carry an umbrella. I've never carried an umbrella in my life!

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  1. Look out for kids in mini cars. They haven't had the experience of driving like you...:)