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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Metamorphosis: Being Sucked In By The Swiss

I've only been here a month.
But there is some unconscious metamorphosis happening.
It's subtle.
Did you know octopuses, chameleons, and some other fish change to fit their surroundings. And, apparently, expats.

Signs of this transformation:
  • I walk around eating hunks of bread. Sometimes I carry bread with me. Just in case.
  • I carry an umbrella around with me. Wherever I go. Just in case.
  • I often feel the need to yodel. Thankfully, it's only a feeling and I can squash it.
  • I'm wearing black and grey. My scarf is my form of identity, my piece of colour. A scarf defines who I am??
  • My hazelnut consumption has increased a billion percent. This may have something to do with the chocolate that covers it but I'm not sure.

But then there are times when I just shake my head and feel like I'm on another planet.
  • MLF1 & 2 setting their watches 5-10 minutes fast so that they'll be on time. They're 10 & 7. They're not supposed to understand what on time means yet. I barely understand it's meaning.
  • I sometimes get these evil desires. I think it mainly happens on a Tuesday and a Friday. This may also coincide with the rubbish pickup days. I secretly want to casually lean down and rip the sticker off the rubbish bags. And keep walking. Not only would havoc be funny to watch, but as these stickers are worth a couple of Francs each, I could make a fortune on the black market. Does Switzerland have a black market?
  • On the Road. I'm something of a crazy person when I'm driving here. I hunch over the wheel, eyes furtively glancing around, mumbling to myself. Stay Right. The driver belongs in the centre of the road. Stay Right. You're doing fine. Stay Right.

So perhaps it will all even itself out. And I'll be on time, drive safely, and stay away from orange stickers.

Today I'm being a part of World Blog Surf Day. There's a bunch of us who are linking to each other in a giant circle. A giant expat blogger circle. Cool eh?
Well the next stop on the circuit is Mark and his blog Traveling Without Moving.
He's got some amazing photos and videos and you can travel without moving! Worth a click!


  1. Glad to hear that you are getting used to your new surroundings! It took me a while to get used to driving on the right in continental Europe and to get used to changing gear with my right hand! Hang in there - you haven't lost your sense of humour so that's a good sign!

    Best wishes,


  2. OMG that is so funny about the stickers. What a hoot! You rebel. ;) I love these little observations. I, too, have seen many of them in me - the hazelnuts and the umbrella thing for sure!

    Love the blog, keep writing!

  3. Thumbs up on the umbrella and black with colourful scarves. I'm in England, by the way ;-) And I don't think carrying around hunks of bread sounds like such a bad idea.

  4. Yodelling? What kind of animal have you become over there?
    (One who doesn't talk to her family):(

  5. Bwaahahaaha I love the hazelnut observation :)

    In all my time in Switzerland, I absolutely do not dare drive there... I am paranoid about breaking a rule and getting hit with a gazillion SFr fine :p

    Nice to see you participating in the World Blog Surf Day :) I found you via facebook just recently too, methinks :)

    Sorry I'm a little late making the rounds, I've been,,, heh, I've been myself, what can I say :D

    *lynne* @ http://amalaysianabroad.today.com/