...I suspect I may be the luckiest kid in the world

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Day I Almost Vaccuumed Up Lake Frome and then Visited a Castle (And Other Not-So Tall Tales)

Today was a really good day. So many really good things happened.
  • After lunch I took a train to Rapperswil. It's about 40 minutes away. I'd heard rumours there was a castle there and who doesn't love a good castle.
  • The weather was gorgeous. Spring was definitely in the air. Birds were singing, so was I...because
  • I discovered the Waifs on my IPod. I thought I'd left the CD at home without putting it on I-Tunes and today I randomly found it. So I got to explore a Swiss Castle to the tunes of the Waifs.
  • A few weeks ago I found these really pretty boots in this upmarket store. I really liked them but they were rather expensive and they didn't have my size (the decision was taken out of my hands). Somehow I managed to be off the normal shoe size scale in European sizing. What are these people? Small-footed midgets?! (No offense to any Europeans reading this) Anyway, I was disappointed but determined to get on with life. Today...I found this random liquidation store in Raperswil. I went in. They had shoes. Not many. But some. And they had my boots! The exact same pair. Seriously. Only the one pair, the one size. My size. And they were only $20CHF. How good is that!
  • Did I mention how good the weather was?
  • I went to CoOp to find something to eat and they sell in a little roll the same bread that I love in a loaf. I forget what it is...but it is good. And Kylie-sized.
  • I randomly found this little Christian Book Store and they had this one copy of The Compassion Art CD. It's a project I've been following but I don't think it was released in Aus before I left. This store had it for $5. I was so excited.
  • At this point I'm realizing that perhaps I sound a bit sad - I just love good bargains!
  • This castle was so pretty today. I walked around the Altstadt of Raperswil. Meaning the Old Town. So much beautiful architecture and history. And the view of the mountains was amazing because the skies were so clear. The weather was gorgeous!
  • It's only a week and half til I see Mamma Mia on Stage. Much excitement.
  • I saw two guys rollerblading at Zurich HB (the main train station). I also want to do this.
  • I understood when MLF3 spoke in French today. I think this is a first. We picked some flowers for MLF1 & 2 and she said something something something l'eau. And I knew she meant water for the flowers. Ok, it seems small, but it is BIG. Major step for mankind kinda stuff.
  • I got two lovely letters in the post today - one from my wonderful parents (thanks so much Mum and Dad!) and one from my little 4-year-old friend Georgia. And apparently it was her first written letter. I feel honoured.
  • Oh - and I almost vaccuumed up Lake Frome this morning. I had given the girls a puzzle of Australia when I first arrived and MLF1 & 2 have been steadily working on it. I normally vaccuum around it but today I almost sucked up a piece which had strayed too far from its friends. Let this be a lesson to you all. You might not be so lucky as Lake Frome.