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Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's No Use Crying Over Spilt Chocolate Milk. Just Use a Bed Sock.

Thursday is Library Day. I mean, BiblioTech Day. I always call it the Library and the girls smile and nod. They have no idea what I mean when I say that.

After school, MLF1 & Friend, and I jump into the car and we pick up MLF2 & Friend from Friend's house and then we pick up MLF3 and it's off to the BiblioTech we go.
Note: I'm driving. I'm repeating: Stay Right, stay right, stay right. Does this worry anyone else? Or just me?

Today it was at MLF3 pickup point that I realized all our library books were swimming in chocolate milk.
Note: This is not good.

I had put the afternoon snack and MLF2's chocolate milk (in a sealed cup!) with the books in the back of the car. However, all the girls want to read their books for the last time on the short trip to the BiblioTech. Why they insist upon this, I don't know.
In grabbing their books, they had unknowingly knocked over the chocolate milk and both bags now had chocolate milk in them. Both bags.
Note: I'm not sure how this was even physically possible.

I'm sure there was more chocolate milk in those bags than I had ever put in the cup. I took all the books out of the bags and emptied the bags out on the ground.
Note: There is now a chocolate river outside of MLF3's daycare.

I look for a tissue, or some sort of absorbent object. But, I had cleaned out the car last week and got rid of all items I deemed as rubbish at the time.
Note: No tissue in sight.

Finally I decided to use MLF3's socks. This morning she insisted upon wearing bed socks to Daycare. Obviously half way through the day she decided au pair knows best and so now (thankfully) they were with her other items. Unfortunately they were not as absorbent as I had hoped, and besides, once a sock is full of chocolate milk, well, it's full of chocolate milk.
Note: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

All this time all the girls have their noses in their books. At least those books are chocolate milk-free. Every now and then one of them will say, Are we going to the BiblioTech yet? I want to give them incredulous looks that will silence them, but I don't. I am supposed to be the adult in this situation. I'm not supposed to be the adult covered in chocolate milk in this situation.
Note: This is not exactly an enjoyable situation.

I finally sop up all the milk I can and wring the socks out. It will have to do.
We arrive at the BiblioTech and the girls run inside. Five hours later, I've done all the cleaning of those books that I can and I go inside to confess our chocolate milk fiasco. Thankfully, the librarian is our neighbour and is also very nice.
Note: An excellent real estate choice, having your librarian as your neighbour.

We return home with new books. New opportunities to lose, spill or otherwise ruin. And I resume my position as guardian of the Library books. I was lax for a few moments, but it will not happen again.
Note: This guardian needs a shower. I still smell like chocolate milk.


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  2. Hi! I came across your blog via Jessica's Swisstory and I'm enjoying your posts. I had to smile at your 'keep right, keep right' while driving! :-) I'm from South Africa so we've got the same problem with the driving. I haven't been brave enough to drive yet, but I keep telling my husband to "keep right, keep right" while he's driving! It feels really strange in the beginning!