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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3, 2, 1, space bag!

we've all seen the advertisement for space saving bags - just put mountains of stuff in it and reduce it nothing. rather skeptically, but out of necessity i bought a couple the other day and put a big pile of linen, bedding etc into one today.
not as space saving as i thought...but maybe i was hoping for miracles. i put the following all into a 'jumbo' bag.
and after almost losing mum in the jumbo bag, we vacuumed it down to this

not bad ... am glad to have packed it all away.
still packing and sorting through lots of stuff. trying to downsize a lot if i can. sold a few books today which is good....yay for selling over the net.

also sent off my passport for my visa sticker. $118 + $9 postage later hopefully it will come back within a couple of weeks.

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