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Sunday, February 8, 2009

NZ: 100% ours for the taking

Dad, Kt, T, J, E & Jo went to the cricket in Syd today and left Mum and I to our own devices.
And we sat on the lounge.
All day.
Partly watched the cricket, internet etc

And I half read a really great book which I will attempt to finish demolishing tonight.

"No Ordinary View' by Naomi Reed. Aussie missionary in Nepal. She's very honest and interesting in her account of their time over there and in learning to see God in the everyday.

'He talked gently about the things that we know...we know that [knowledge and truth of Jesus]. we rely on that. we cling to it. and it's only because of that knowledge that we don't lose heart. it's only because of that knowledge that we are renewed day by day...
and i realised once again that the demands of the visible monsoon were blinding me to the unseen. most days, it seemed that i could hardly even catch a glimpse of the unseen, let alone fix my eyes on it.'

She also thought a lot about the prayer,
'Lord, when I'm most distressed, help me to bring glory to you.'

Will keep you updated on the rest of the book.

And, in case you were interested, we won the cricket.
Beat the kiwis.
Hence the link at the top. I share it whenever I get the chance. :)

(If you click on the title of this blog, you're in for a laugh - at the kiwi's expense)

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