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Sunday, February 15, 2009

25 is the magic number!

25 things you must absolutely-totally-without-a-doubt-know about me

1.) Mostly I don't like these type of things...but everyone says that - and here we all are filling out the form.

2.) Last year I discovered that, not only can I cook for 20+ people, but I can also organize all parts of the meal to be hot and ready at the same time.

3.) Number 2 quite surprised me - this takes thought and organization.

4.) I think and organize a LOT in my head. My head is always swimming with sums, times, dates, lists and facts. Sometimes its hard to get to sleep at night.

5.) If I leave the room to do a task, half the time I repeat the task over and over under my breath, because otherwise, I'll be back in the room 10 seconds later trying to look around to see what it was that I left to accomplish.

6.) One of my first memories is learning to ride a 2 wheel bike. On my fifth birthday I remember my uncle running alongside me as I wobbled on my pink bike and crossed over to the big kid world. I was invincible.

7.) In 6 days I'm moving to Switzerland for a year. In my head, the scariest part of the whole trip is the first few hours in Switz. First impressions after a 34-trip - eek!

8.) 4 things I'm really looking forward to about Europe: 1.) seeing the Mamma Mia stage production 2.) seeing the Greek Island where they filmed Mamma Mia 3.) Going on a Sound of Music tour 4.)Visiting the house of Corrie Ten Boom is Holland.

9.) Mamma Mia is my favourite movie of all time. I can play it in my head now whenever I want.

10.) Number 9 does not make me a bad person. Nor do I lack culture or taste. I got ABBA into the heads of all the first years in Canowindra 08. This was no easy task. It required many repeats and hate letters.

11.) My favourite book at the moment is Blue Like Jazz and I think I have bought at least a dozen copies of the book. However, I currently own none, but hopefully YOU DO! If you haven't read it, READ IT!

12.) Blue Like Jazz made me realize that Jesus didn't just love me out of principle but that he liked me. This is something I want to emulate in my relationships.

13.) I didn't know how to spell my middle name until I got my first passport when I was 11. Neither did my parents.

14.) I passed my driving test with no spare points. In fact, the instructor's words to me were, "Not enough to fail you, so I guess you pass."

15.) A couple of years ago during a massive cull I burned all but one of my trophies. Not sure why I kept one - token trophy of its burnt brothers perhaps?

16.) Our family lived in a bus and travelled Australia for 18 months. I'm glad I did it. I wasn't at the time.

17.) I've had 3 car accidents. I've hit a goat, a dog, and I rolled my car. I don't like animals.

18.) I suffer from oldest sister syndrome. When I first left home, it was all I could do to not remind everyone to buckle up when I was in a car.

19.) My first job was doing some teacher aide work at the end of grade 10. I bought a mini cd disk player with my hard earnt cash.

20.) I have 24 pairs of knickers. This means I can go for 23 days without washing my clothes and I drag my feet to the task every 23 days.

21.) I've recently become half addicted to the blogging community whilst setting up my blog for Switzerland. You can join me if you like. Or become my blogging friend. www.chaupair.blogspot.com

22.) When I came home from Chile, my Mum had decorated my own room for me as a surprise and bought me some beautiful dark pink curtains. These are one of my treasured possessions now - heavy curtains = good sleep-ins. I was only gone for 6 weeks then. I wonder what she'll do for me when I come home after a year?

23.) My dad always sang this song to me when I was younger that I thought was just mine.

24.) I absolutely LOVE the Friends sitcom. Imagine my horror the day I discovered that Pheobe's "Smelly Cat" song was to the same tune as my dad's "Kylie Song."

25.) I like talking about myself. This was easier than I thought.

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