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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to Switzerland

I'm here, I'm here, I'm here.
Welcome to my third day in Switzerland.
My mind is whirling with the intake of so many new things. And it's spinning just because I'm either tired or perhaps the change in altitude?
I hope this new family - now to be known as myVPs - my village people, don't think I'm normally like this - absent minded, slow and too quiet. It just takes a lot to process a simple thought when I'm this tired and everything is so new.
But myVPs seem very lovely. There was big smiles from the girls when I waved at them at the airport, from the whole family actually. Which made me think it might all work out ok. That I might survive.
I'm so thankful to my new friend the outgoing au pair. Without her I think I might have already drowned in the puddle of huh?
Today we're going to an au pair meeting - something I think happens every Wednesday. And I think I will open my very own Swiss bank account.
This is all my tired head can manage at the moment - and using this strange european keyboard makes me feel even slower. I'm praying to just make it through today, for a vibrancy that I do not feel, and for a joyful and loving heart. And sleep. And I'll figure out tomorrow when I get there.
And, in other news - I'm in Switzerland - and I'd insert exclamation points here, only I can't find them on this keyboard...


  1. Yay glad you made it safe Kyke. Look forward to hearing more of your Sweedish adventure :P

  2. Yay - great to hear some news. Catch us up on more when your brain returns. Prayin for you friend.

  3. prayin for you Ky! Hope you get some sleep :)

  4. Horrible old European keyboards!!!!