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Friday, January 30, 2009

the beginning of the end

I said goodbye to some very dear friends today - the first in a long list that shall mostly happen in the next few days. It was hard - a year is a long time!

I was approved for my VISA last night/today in CH which is a big relief - only took almost a month, instead of the suggested 6 weeks. Very glad - I think I now have to send my passport away for the VISA stamp. Guess I'm definitely going now! Eeek!

I have been looking after my little friend, who is 2 years old for the last 3 weeks, and today was our last afternoon together. As with every afternoon, we went to the pool - its been about 40 deg lately. But, today, more than ever, I was just so glad for the way the last 3 weeks have unfolded.
- I've been able to stay in Canowindra - my home - for an extra two weeks.
- Looking after MLF has helped me move into the child-focussed mind set that I will need to be in for the year ahead. It's also provided some extra money that I'm glad to have for my trip. AND I've been able to spend so much time in this heat at the pool - most of the time with friends! (some who are mums bringing their kids for a swim). How good is that!!?!
- This last week has been an excellent time to spend with people and get some things in order before I leave, as I mostly haven't had to cook or be in the kitchen.
- I've been able to begin to get to know this new lot of first year students and will hopefully be able to carry on some of these relationships throughout the year.

I didn't mean to start playing the glad game, but in all, the last weeks have provided some excellent closure time which I am so thankful for. I will be very sad to leave this place of home but at the same time am so appreciative of time spent here. Glad to recognize closure for what it is, and to continue to look forward - at the many adventures and friends to be found.

And in other news - after a search for hiking shoes to take with me, Bec, who is the current au pair for my new family, is the same size as me and has offered to give me hers! Yay!

I leave for my family's home from this home in 2 days. Suddenly, time here is precious and I'm not sure quite how to spend it...



  1. I am very curious about your impressions from Switzerland. I spent there all together about 6 months :)(i think it was in 2002 and 2003) and I still keep contact with my old Swiss friends.

    And stay away from products called Die Schokolade - they are incredibly good and you may spent all your money on it :)

    Alles Gute!

  2. Sounds like everything is falling in place. It will be fun to watch your year abroad unfold.

    And, yes, I am pregnant. =)

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