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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Purple Peaceful Pavlova

A little bit scared. And quite a bit nervous.

I haven't allowed myself to think much beyond the initial meeting of this new family. And why should this meeting be scary? I've already sighted them, and walked up to them without tripping over an invisible object. And I then conversed flawlessly in German with them. Introductory small talk stuff? No worries.

Wait - actually, all that has just happened in my head. And no matter how many times I run through it, it still doesn't bring it to pass.

Eek. Guess I'd better keep on practicing then.

When I start feeling nervous, I repeat a couple of mantras given by some lovely friends. Actually, I think they were just words of encouragement, but I repeat them so often that they've become mantras.

"Nothing to be scared of - everything to look forward to"
"Fear not, the initial week will soon be "last week" and then last month, and then ancient history!"

I know these things are true, I just need to keep reminding myself . And I know that I follow the giver of Perfect Peace!

I was given a couple of lovely gifts today which made me feel very special. A beautiful pen and a gorgeous chocolate cake. The chocolate cake I shall share, the pen, not. And I had a lovely surprise visit from a good friend and my new camera finally arrived in the mail! (photos of my new little purple toy later, perhaps. But he/she needs a name - suggestions anyone?)

Dad turned 44 today - (and he woke up at 4:44am). Thus we had pavlova for dessert (yum!) Happy Birthday Dad!

And, on an odd note - I received in the mail a couple of replacement space-saver bags. One of the ones I bought a few weeks ago was faulty and so I had asked for a replacement. BUT the replacement from the company wasn't their brand. Weird.

4 sleeps to go. I'd better keep practicing.

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  1. too funny that the replacements weren't the same brand. Very weird.