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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Freitag on Wednesday

On my first excursion into Zurich we went to... Actually I don't really remember - so many trains and trams and footsteps and I really don't have much of a clue where I was. I'm hoping future aimless wanderings around the city will orientate me better.

we did go to this store - the Freitag Store. They sell bags. Apparently these bags are currently all the rage in Switzerland.

They are made of tarps -only used tarps - tarps from trucks - no two bags are the same - they're all hand cut - you can wash them in the washing machine -
They're not cheap by any standard - approx $200AU for a standard bag, but I guess you get an original bag? And the admiration of your fellow Swiss. And, my stare. Now that I've been acquainted with Freitag, I can't help but see them everywhere.

So they're all made of recyclable materials - and not just the bags - but the store as well.

Check it out - the store is made of shipping containers. How bizarre. Bizarre, but very cool.
Brings a whole new meaning to green.

I climbed all the way to the top - surrounded by bags, bags and more bags. I took photos of the view - but not the bags. Oops, sorry.

And, somewhat appropriately - next door I spotted the Brocki - the Salvation Army Opp Shop. If I can find my way back there (slim chance but I shall definately try!) this is my next stop.


  1. Wow Kyles, thats an awsome view.

  2. That is the Hardbrucke stop... right next to it actually. I have been to the Freitag but not to the Brocki. Let me know how it is. Hardbrucke is one stop from the Hauptbahnhof, take the S9, S12, S3, S15... or... I think that is all I can recall. Good luck!