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Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Story About Chocolate

I was making MLF2's bed this week and I came across this:

Well, actually, it looked more like this:

They were somewhere in there with the sheets, very over-sized bear (which takes up more of the bed than she does!), pillows and the worn-out but much-loved duck. I think it's a duck.

How to discuss this? How can I, who can easily consume large quantities of chocolate in my bed during a book or movie, tell an 8-year old that she really shouldn't be eating small caramel lollies in bed after the brushing of teeth.

They may be small, but my friend Jill thinks they are better than Nutella! Sacrilege.

And so that night I broached the problem.
MLF2? (I don't really call her this, in real life I use her name) I think there's a little problem.


Well, I found Carambar wrappers in your bed. I think your bear has been doing something a bit naughty. I think Teddy has been eating them at night when you are asleep and I don't think they are good for him.

Her face was hilarious when I told her this. At first, she looked really worried, as though she knew she'd been caught out. Then, as I blamed the bear, she looked relieved. She even smiled.

Perhaps you could tell Teddy not to eat them in bed anymore. They are not good for your, I mean, his, teeth.

We reached an agreement. She'd let the, ahem, bear know, and Carambars would no longer be consumed in bed.

Now, where's my jar of Nutella?


  1. Yum, I love Nutella! I like it on Ritz crackers.....and right out of the jar!! ;D

  2. you're brilliant.

    Better than Nutella? Inconceivable.

  3. I'm just a little Nutella-ed out at the moment! And Carambars.... mmm. Thanks MLF#2 for the recommendation.

    What if I put Nutella ON a Carambar?!?! Sensory overload perhaps...

  4. You're the best Kyles!!!!
    Love you lots!
    Em (the other, other, other, other, sister)