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Friday, November 6, 2009

Goodbye Autumn?

Autumn is fast giving way to Winter, so when I took a walk around our Village this afternoon I took my camera. It's so beautiful here at the moment, and, like I resented Autumn for taking over Summer, I'm also resenting Winter for stealing Autumn.

Perhaps too much resentment? If the seasons could just slow down a little bit, please. Thank you.

I'm off in the morning for Munich, or M√ľnchen, for the weekend. Hopefully there'll still be some leaves left on the trees there! I'll let you know...


  1. Nice photos Kylie, I love you xx

  2. Lovely pics, Kylie. Looks so beautiful.

  3. Dear Kylie, I do not resent the season stealer at all. He is fast turning our hot spring into a boiling hot summer and it's AWESOME!!!!
    Please get more people to follow your blog, I have a bet that you will get to one hundred by the end of the year. Thanks
    Love you lots sista frend.
    Em xx