...I suspect I may be the luckiest kid in the world

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Suddenly 30

I've returned from escaping across the border for 24 hours.
It was tough.
Ma and Pa were attending a wedding (not their own - this happened several years ago) and so the girls and I hung out in a hotel room with a lovely view of the lake, listening to - you guessed it - ABBA.
We also took a trip to the hotel restaurant where the waiter thought I was their mother.
Seriously, do I look 30?
On outings such as this, where its just the girls and I, I often have to suppress well-earned laughs.
The other adult, in this case the waiter, speaks directly to me only to be answered by MLF1, who speaks excellent German.
I smile and nod, giving MLF1 my full non-verbal support. The waiter then answers MLF1, but still looks at me, speaking to me, and waiting for my response.
MLF1 does not let me down and continues the conversation. And so it goes.
I just smile and nod and let them think I am mute.
An under-aged mute mother who lets her children order what they like off the menu.

I'm planning on heading to Basel tomorrow morning to see Art Basel, which I think is the largest Modern and Contemporary Exhibition in the world. Brad Pitt was last spotted here so I'll be wearing my I ♥ Brad t-shirt tomorrow.

And I'm very excited because my parents have booked their tickets to come and visit in less than 2 months! And I got the Paris leg of the trip in the mail today, so they had better come. I'm not going to return from Paris 3 times just to get my money's worth.
And if anyone has any lovely holiday houses that they wish to lend in Venice, Rome, Florence, Nice, Avignon, Paris or the Loire Valley perhaps you could just pop the keys in the mail and we'll call it even.

Today we went for a walk to Mainau Island where joined a ridiculous amount of tourists (sometimes I like to pretend that I am not a tourist) seeing the most beautiful gardens and butterfly house and played on the most amazing playground, or spielplatz. I got mistaken for the girl's mother yet again (seriously....30?) and I had to eat MLF3's ice-block really fast because she just wanted to play the whistle that made up the stick. One of the many perks...

In other exciting news I got to go toiletry shopping whilst in Germany. Once you leave Switzerland everything is so much cheaper and my thriftiness starts grabbing shampoos and deodorants off the shelves.
I also love pretending that the Euro is the same as the Swiss Frank.

And yes, its 3 AM and I am still not asleep. I think I'm probably too excited to sleep, since I'll probably see Brad Pitt tomorrow. Watch out Angelina.
Now, where is that t-shirt...?