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Monday, June 22, 2009

Testing: A Swiss Story by MLF3

This blog seems to be becoming more and more dominated by MLF3.
However, I've decided not to change the name.
(A Swiss Story by MLF3 just wasn't quite personal enough...)

The latest bedtime trend is for Kylie to tell a story about when she was a child. Or, in the words of MLF3 -'I want a story of when you a kind.'

(And, no, that's not kind
kind 1 (knd)adj. kind·er, kind·est
1. Of a friendly, generous, or warm-hearted nature.

but kind - the German for child).

(However I sometimes perhaps maybe put a kind

kind 1
(knd)adj. kind·er, kind·est
1. Of a friendly, generous, or warm-hearted nature.

slant on myself in the stories. She'll never know.)

Sometimes she even asks for stories of when I was a baby. I may be an au pair with super powers but I do not have that much of an amazing memory. In fact, I'm fast running out of stories. I'm only 22 - how many stories do I really have?

Tonight I may or may not have taken a happening from the life of a sibling and made it my own. (Mum, Dad - have you ever done this?! Is your childhood as I know it a mixture of yours and your siblings?!)

In fact, my memory is fast becoming cloudy and once I tell a story as my own there is a chance that it will forever become mine in my head. Help!
If anyone has any childhood tales they wish to lend me I would really appreciate it. You may or may not get them back.

And in other news, I'm just loving living here. I feel so blessed every day to wake up and be a part of life here. To be a part of a lovely family, a beautiful country, amazing friends and the Lindt shop only a ferry ride away.

Why yes, I am holding a bag of chocolate.


  1. Dear Kylie - you continue to torment me from distant lands. How dare you use the words "Lindt shop" and "ferry ride away" in the same post. How much is your mother paying you? Just so you know, my birthday is in October. And just to torment you in return - you cannot have any of my childhood stories, and believe me, I've got some great ones!! Much love......

  2. When I was a kid at school one of my classmates got hit by a bus. She survived with only a broken ankle, but now years later is sueing the school for inadequate supervision. You can have that one...:) I love reading from you Kylie!

  3. This one time in Kindergarten I convinced my entire class to run away into the bush and hide with me rather than go to class...

    This other time I ate a tub of butter..

  4. Are you really only 22? In reference to Kate's comment how cool is this:
    boy hit by flying car unhurt
    Well I don't know if cool's an appropriate word for footage of a child being hit by a car. But good that he was unhurt! I think I saw a flash of angel wings there for a moment. Or just a puddle of water splashing.

  5. Thanks Han and Kate for the free stories. I laughed so much. Not so many thanks for you Helen - keeping all those great stories to yourself! sheesh! And Kim, I had to think about it, but yes I believe so. (And - the story - you have to wonder about how the conversation would go between parents and son when they found out the NEXT day that he had been hit by that car! seriously!)

  6. stories are always fun to share.
    There's a little girl here in Taiwan that asks for the same from me, usually involving animals: "i want a SHARK story!" "I don't have... okay."

    Nice to make your blogging acquaintance. :)
    I do believe we have a mutual bloggingbuddy? Yeah, she's good people, I guess. ;)


  7. Hope you didn't steal any of my baby....kind stories.
    Try the one about 'You can breath underwater, it's easy!'

  8. What about the "I'll be your servant forever." Or You jumping and kaity sitting their innocently: Boing Boing Whoomp Whaaaaah! (kaity crying)
    Poor Kaity and she had only just learnt to sit up.
    Love you
    Em xx

  9. What about when the drawer fell out on top of you when you were in a basket in the combi van. or. the boy on the fence (prob don't want to tell THAT one). or the trampoline and the glass of water. or. .........I guess I could share some of those when I get there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!