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Friday, October 30, 2009

WBSD: Burn, Böögg, Burn!

Wilkommen! Today I'm blogging as part of a World Blog Surf Day - a giant circle of crazy expats who choose to release their blogging powers into cyber space and allow some serious armchair travel.
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I want to share with you a celebration that is now very near and dear.

A year ago? Wasn't even on my radar. Now, I am hoping and wishing and praying and pleading that I will be around next year to experience it again.
The Burning of the Böögg. (Also known as Sechseläuten)
I don't care too much for the Böögg, so it's ok if he gets burnt.

Let me explain.

Somewhere back in April I had to come via the Zurich City on my way to a weekend away in the mountains. I was meeting friends briefly and I'd heard rumours of a giant snowman being burnt? What was that all about, anyway? But when I got off a very full train, I found myself in a crushing crowd of people.
I hate crowds of people.
Detest. Loathe. Abhor. Despise. Etc.

I couldn't understand the attraction. A big bonfire? A strange looking snowman thing made of wood and not snow?
Why were all these people here and where had they come from? There was so many.

The idea of the tradition if that they'll burn the snowman (false advertising - he is NOT made of snow), correctly know as the Böögg and depending on how long it takes for him to burn, depends on how good the summer will be.

I was skeptical.
At best.
It's just an opportunity to get out, party, and to eat and drink and be merry. Around a (albeit rather large) bonfire with NO marshmallows.

Go home, and let me through this crazy crowd.

Fast forward 6+ months.

I think I've been talked 'round. I've had a summer in Switzerland.
And it's been the most glorious, amazing, beautiful, glorious, spectacular, delightful, marvelous, splendiferous, and did I mention glorious, summer I have ever been a part of.

There is nothing like a sunny summer's day here in Switzerland - thousands of meters up, high on an Alp or two and being a part of such gloriousness.
Now I understand why everyone made such a fuss about Summer coming.
The Burning of the Böögg is now my absolute favourite holiday.

And next year? I will front of the crowd, throwing matches, and begging the Böögg to burn fast.

Oh Summer. How I loved thee. Who loved Summer? Hands up!

Thanks for being a part of the World Blogger Surf Day.
Next on the list is the World Wide Westfields and They too will be blogging on their favourite holiday/celebration.
But don't forget that the Burning of the Böögg is really the best :)

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  1. Talk about making your own luck! What a fun post.

  2. How do you pronounce Böögg??

  3. You've just got to introduce them to marshmallows!

  4. Kylie, this was a really fun read! I hope you'll have a mild and short Swiss winter, and that the next Böögg will burn very, very fast next year.

    Have a great WBSD!

  5. The burning of the Boogg is tons of fun, but super crowded, yes. I was sandwiched between a tree and my toddler in a stroller (didn't have a sitter). It was crazy, but fun. Everyone went nuts when the head exploded.

  6. This is the first time that I have heard of Böögg, thanks for sharing.


  7. Haahaha I remember my brother (he's in Zurich) blogging about this a few years ago... nothing to match your enthusiasm, though :) Really enjoyed your post, and perhaps on my next trip to CH/ZRH I'll try to make it for the Böögg :)

  8. Don't you dare be there for the burning of the old boogy. We want you back here by then. O I forgot,we will have been kidnapped by then and living in Switzerland by your little friend 3.

  9. This sounds like a great tradition... Especially after the loooooooong grey winters!

  10. Böögg? Böögg! Never heard of that, thanks a bunch for improving my cultural education --- and I always thought that Switzerland is boooring ;-) SY

  11. I think, Han, it's 'Boogeir'...you know...sort of like 'booger'...
    And Kylie, what do you mean next year?

  12. Update: My own blog post for WBSD suffered an emergency url change (don't get me started on the 'why?' please) and can now be found at http://hospitalera.com/christmas-in-prague/ Unfortunately I have lost also all comments I had *sniff-sniff* and can't retrieve / transfer them, SY