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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Secret Plan: Plan A

MLF3: (who turned 5 this week and is now old and wise. Happy Birthday MLF3!)
I like you so much.
You should not go back to Australia. You should stay here with us.

ME, Au Pair1:
I would like to. But my Papi said I must come home. And my Mami would miss me. (Correction: My Papi said not to marry over here and your Country will kick me out for overstaying my VISA.)
But! You can come back with me to Australia and live there.

MLF3: No. My Pap said I said must stay here and my Mami would miss me.
She was delighted that she could repeat my words and for them to make sense in her context. It dawned on me in this moment that she has been mimicking me and using sarcasm now. Uh oh. She has learnt that from me. Oops.

MLF3: I know! Your Mami, and your Papi and your sisters and your brother can come and live here.

ME: Here? In Switzerland?

MLF3: Yes. But ssshhhh. We shouldn't tell them.

So watch out, family for a dubious looking 5 year old who seems capable of masterminding something of a kidnapping attempt.
When you least expect it...


  1. She probably has a 4 step plan all worked out all ready!!!! I'm sure a dubious looking 5 year old would be slightly conspicuous if she showed up around here. Especially if she had 4 Great Big Swiss Bodyguards all bulked up from all the bread and cheese they eat.
    Y'know what?! I'm feeling slightly creeped out right now. Scary Mlf3!!!!

  2. Hmmm - wonder if she'd mind kidnapping us? We would help her all we could - I'd pack even. Ask her if she's up for it, would you Kylie.

  3. Tell that sweet child that I'm ready when she gets here. I'd like to go, only if you stay too!

  4. If I was five and had had the privilege of being looked after by you for a year Kylie, I'd be dreading losing you too!