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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sometimes It's Ok To Jump Off A Cliff

I'm grasping at summer straws but I'm trying to tell myself that summer is still here. That sunny warm days will still continue.
I'm probably kidding myself.

Goods and Bads from the last week. Bad news first?


Friends are leaving to go home left, right and centre! It's weird being one of the "older" au pairs - I'm not! I just got here! Stop asking me questions, I have no idea what I'm doing!

Winter is coming. This will bring the obligation to ski. I still have nightmares from last season.

I also seem to have picked up a cold from somewhere. If someone is missing theirs, it's probably in my head. I would love to return it to you!


I just spent a lovely day with a friend doing - well, not much. Eating. (We even ate ice cream for breakfast with crepes. Don't tell my Mum!)

Holidays in 2 weeks!!
Am planning on a few days cycling in Holland and then off to Greece for 9 days to ... eat Greek food! (And perhaps pretend that I am in the Mamma Mia movie!)

I made Pumpkin Soup for dinner one night this week and MLF1 was NOT happy. Not happy at all - due to a dislike of the main ingredient.
She sat down at the table - pushed the soup away and was NOT happy.
Did I mention she was NOT happy?
But after about 10 minutes, I saw her pick up her spoon and lick it. And then, filled up the spoon and ate some more. And then, a little more.
6!!!! bowlfuls later, I think she liked the soup?

MLF3 (4 yrs) correcting MLF2 (8 yrs) on her English.

Paragliding last weekend! Absolutely amazing!!

It was a birthday gift from my host family and I just want to go again! Had about 20 minutes of flying time above the town and mountains surrounding Zermatt. And got to see the Matterhorn closer than most!

I wasn't nervous at all (birds fly all the time, right?) - until my tandem dude's words were, "Now we're going to take a few running steps toward the edge of the cliff."
How many times do you hear that in your life?

But after that all was fine.

Until we landed and my legs didn't work and it was all rather unceremonious. Him trying to pull me up, being attached by many strings, belts and clasps, him not being able to pull me up, still being attached by many strings, belts and clasps.
You get the picture.

A beautiful walk/hike near Neuch√Ętel. Steph and I were whisked away to a land that resembled a fairytale.

But it did play with my head when I realized the scenery I'd seen the day before compared to this day. Such a small country but it's vastly vastly different!

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

- See? I told you I worked sometimes!


  1. oooo - lovely blog Kyles,lovely to hear more of your exploits again :)

  2. Paragliding?! You go girl - that is so exciting! What a great b-day gift...

  3. Ice cream for breakfast.....did I hear right?
    Who is your mother young lady????????!!!!!!!!

  4. aaaah Kylie. Have I mentioned recently how much I seriously dislike (I had written hate - but it just seemed so wrong!) you and your fantastic life? Living in Switzerland (sniffing distance of Lindt), going skiing (sigh) looking at such incredible mountains, flying over them and getting tangled up with some cute (I sincerely hope) outdoor manly type. And ice-cream for breakfast. Well guess what?! I'm dobbing you in. So there!

  5. I want to go paragliding soo bad!!! Do you know about how much it costs to do it?