...I suspect I may be the luckiest kid in the world

Thursday, September 3, 2009

BEWARE of Falling Crab (Tins)!

7:50* - MLF1's spare backpack falls on my head as I try to get it down from the top shelf.

8:05 - The tube of Icing Sugar falls out not once, but three times in quick succession as I put other items away in the cupboard.

8:41 - MLF3's drink bottle is aiming straight for me when it falls out of the cupboard when I am putting other dishes away.

10:28 - A tin of crab tries to attack me and barely misses my head and then foot as I search the pantry for lasagne ingredients.

10:58 - The tin of crab makes a better-aimed shot at me but still I am quicker as I put the remaining lasagne pasta away.

13:40 - After a few hours of respite the Alphabet Mobile in MLF2's bedroom tries to entangle me but I will live to clean another day.

15:30 - Yet another backpack falls on me twice as I attempt to put it away. What is it with these bags. I think they are desperate to be out hiking or something.

15:33 - I think about the blog I will write detailing all the things that tried to get me today.

19:25 - Apparently all the evil items in the house have decided to leave me alone as it has been three hours of safety.

19:29 - Apparently I was wrong. MLF3 knocks over a bottle of perfume - a large portion of which spills onto me. At least it wasn't a tin of crab juice. At least I smell good. But, having just accidentally licked my finger, I DO NOT taste good!

*These times are not exact as I am not quite anal enough to keep a diary of my day's events. I do however keep a blog....


  1. one of those days.. :P
    thought of starting to wear a hard hat around the house?!

  2. That happened to me today too!!