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Sunday, January 25, 2009

the beginning

welcome. this shall be the start of my blogging attempt. the narration start of my adventure to switzerland and beyond.
in four weeks today i leave for the land of all things chocolate, cheese and watches. at least, that's what i've been told. having never been there its a complete step into the unknown. rather nervous about it all but excited just the same.
im currently attempting to brush up on my non-existant german and reading travel brochures about the many sights and scenes of europe. all with great anticipation.
i've found myself a new family in switzerland - in a town about 15 minutes south of zurich. i will be an au pair for their 3 girls (4, 7, 10 y.o.) and i'm really looking forward to meeting them and being a part of their world for 12 months.
four weeks to go and counting - swiss chocolate here i come.

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  1. Hi!

    I saw you are now stalking my blog ; )

    Thank you!

    Your Switzerland adventure sounds really exciting. I'm excited to hear about it.