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Saturday, August 25, 2012

+2 years

Wow.  The last time I wrote on this blog was almost 2 years ago!  That´s crazy.  I´d just left Switzerland, had moved back home and decided to go to uni.  Since then, I´ve randomly blogged on my other blog, but I´ve been a little, ah, sporadic. 
I thought it might be appropriate to ressurect this blog because I´ve moved back to Switzerland.  I´m not sure how long I´ll be here for, but I´ve returned to the au pair world yet again and feel a little like I´ve gone back in time. I still can´t afford anything in this crazily expensive city, and I still continually find myself running for trains. I´m also back living with my 3 favourite Swiss girls and making their beds every morning (among other things).
Some things have changed though.  Some of my favourite people who lived here last time don´t live here anymore and I have to meet new favourite people.  I´m studying a little bit through uni back at home, and my 3 favourite Swiss girls are a little older and sometimes make their own beds in the morning!
It´s hard to start again somewhere.  I feel like I´ve done it a LOT lately.  But I´m ever so glad to have the chance to live here again and to create new stories.  And who doesn´t love a good story?
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  1. How exciting to be back in CH! Looking forward to your posts!

  2. Kylie,

    I am so glad I found your former blog. I've been spending hours each week researching becoming an au pair and emailing back and forth with potential host families in Switzerland. I am thrilled to have found someone who hasthe exact experience I am trying to have!

    I'm so sorry to bombard you with questions, but I've got to ask....
    - Which agency did you use?
    - Have you found it easy to travel during the weekends?
    - Have you had any trouble with the father of the family?
    - How much are you paid/does it seem like enough to support your needs?
    - Do you have any tips?