...I suspect I may be the luckiest kid in the world

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Spring is taking it's time.

I know, I can't complain: I've only recently been swimming in the warm Caribbean...but I can dream.

Have been walking the most beautiful snowy tracks here the last few days. I'm staying far up in the mountains, there are very few people around. Everything is white and sparkling and fresh.
This white and sparkling and fresh snow is also still very deep.
I know.
I know because one walk involved sinking down every step to my waist.
This same walk also involved searching for lost shoes and feet and thus losing my hands somewhere deep beneath me in the snow.
It also involved frozen gloves, pants and hair. It's really fun walking with frozen pants.

But there was no other way home. Only way out is forward, kind of like a sinking-down forward, you get my point.

After losing my feet one time too many, I found a piece of cardboard in an Alphütte and thought perhaps I could slide through this deep snow on my behind. You know, spread some of the weight out so I didn't completely sink every single step.

Not the greatest idea I've ever had. I'm sure you don't much help picturing
somebody almost completely sunken in snow, technically still sitting on a stupid piece of cardboard.

We did make it out alive though.
And in the end the piece of cardboard was put to very good use for the end of the trek where the snow wasn't 4ft deep.
Sledding down a snowy track on pieces of cardboard towards the setting sun, watching deer run across our path, and with our pants frozen stiff?


[Other] Priceless [Moments]:

Making the best Snow Angel I have ever made. Throwing myself down onto assumed soft bouncy snow to find it's hard with no bounce. Ouch. I am, however, still very proud of my Angel.

Tobogganing again. (With the real deal, none of this cardboard stuff.)

Cheese Fondue. Glühwein. Access again to Swiss Chocolate.

(In case you didn't know:)
  • I'm back in Switzerland for the next 2+ months.
  • Am currently camping out (not literally) at some rather-nice-very-good friend's house up in the mountains. (They, somewhat ironically, have 3 girls the same age as MLF 1, 2 & 3.)
  • When they kick me out, I also am staying at some-other-rather-nice-very-good friend's house in Zurich.
  • Am currently thinking about and researching lots of options for uni when I get back to Australia.
  • I'm trying to plan trips to Spain & Portugal (& Morocco?) & the UK. If anybody has any free houses we can stay in, Priceless!


  1. i agree with the last point! let's skype chat (or real chat) soon

  2. O kylie, you are so lucky, lucky, lucky!