...I suspect I may be the luckiest kid in the world

Friday, March 5, 2010

How Do You Like That BIG Apple?!

I stepped out of the bus and arrived a few blocks from our Hotel Hostel. Stepped out with my giant bag into mountains of slushy snow.
The bus driver greeted me with a humourless 'Welcome to New York.' I think he was glad to see me. Probably. The city had been shut down the past few days due to to humongous amounts of snow.
And have now spent the last several days traipsing around the Big Apple. I think I've worn an inch of my height. It's huge.

Memorable bites of the Big Apple in no particular order:

Broadway: Was VERY lucky to see The Phantom of the Opera AND Billy Elliot. I love musicals so much. I could watch them all day. Sometimes I even randomly break into song and dance to be in my own musical. LG Life's Good.

Times Square: This place has so many lit and electric advertisements that it looks like day even at midnight. No kidding. It's amazing. After standing with my mouth open for a good few minutes, I realized this made me look too much like a tourist and tried to keep the mouth closed.

Hailing a Cab: I hailed a yellow NYC cab (very proud - although it did take a few tries....they'll speed right past you unless you throw yourself in front of them. I'm a bit bruised.)

Being sat on: Yes indeed. It's official. I'm invisible.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. And then being able to use my awesome Brooklyn accent once I reached the other side. They're from another country over there.

Visiting JAO Schwartz: Remember the Giant Toy Store from Home Alone? It was based on this store. So.Many.Toys.

Chinatown!: Coming up out of the Subway, having boarded in New York and then arriving in China Town? It's bizarre. Like arriving in another country....like China!

Mulberry St: Dr Suess, eat your heart out!

Lady Liberty: Alas, I only saw her from afar. She acted kind of distant.

Seinfeld: Remember the Restaurant from Sienfield? I met the gang there for breakfast this week. Well, actually they couldn't make it, but I sure enjoyed their food and restaurant.

Walking on Thin Ice: Central Park. Yeah Baby!

Zurich Friends: Who would have thought I'd be able to meet up with 5 of my Zurich au pair friends in New York?! Against all weather odds, we all managed to get there for the same long weekend. So crazy and it couldn't have been any better! Thanks guys for making the trip! See you next time! Wherever that is!


  1. you should make a sitcom called.. Au Pair.. or something.. and it can star you and your au pair friends... Cause that last photo looks like a dvd cover and all

  2. Sounds like lots of fun luv!

  3. Looks like you had a really good time! I'm glad you got to go!

  4. Looks cool. I like your converse. They look familiar.:D

  5. SOOOO SOOOOO lucky to see not one but two Broadway musicals!!!! and the Phantom of the Opera no less!!! Jealous :)
    Glad to hear about your NYC experience
    Love and Stars

  6. jealous much...why yes, yes i am.
    you look more like me every day :-)
    lucky much?
    Em xx

  7. Ah! you were in New York!? And you didn't come to california!? (haha) drats.

    Looks like you had an amazinggg time! love it.

  8. Oh, America...

    Australian accent, Boston accent... Can hardly tell the difference :)

    You are having so much fun travelling the world! (Being a tourist is a disguise, isn't it. We all know you are planning on taking the world over.)