...I suspect I may be the luckiest kid in the world

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I AM 1 Brother and 4 Sisters

So tonight I had my first really long conversation in German.
All German.
And it was pretty long.

I think I pretty much stepped on all and any German grammer rules - not really applicable since there are too many anyway - but! I was understood - and! it.was.in.german.
I may have told her I am 1 brother and 4 sisters, but hey, nobody's perfect.

This is my 100th post. I'm pretty excited about this also. Because a couple of years ago I realized something about myself:
I don't like starting something that I may not be able to finish.

Now, I can't finish a blog, but I was terrified of starting it and then never writing in it. I wanted to write a blog, and to actually write in it. To have memories and thoughts and anecdotes written down.
And my goal in a year was 100 posts. I thought approximately 2 a week was achievable.

So, hip hip hooray! On my 100th post I had a full adult conversation in German.
I may have been 5 of those adults (1 brother and 4 sisters), but hey - at least we spoke in German.


  1. I knew all along that you had a split personality.....

  2. Yay! Forget the grammar. It's German no less!!!

  3. i can be jeckle and you can be hyde....except i cant remember which one the goodie was. i want to be the baddie.
    good on u kylesies!
    em xx

  4. So proud of you! Can't wait to hear it!!!