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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ciao, Dignity.

A quick update on my quest for a white Christmas.
I left home 10 months ago today.
10 months later I'm about to have a very very white Christmas in the Swiss Alps.

Today I made a snowman for the first time.
Correction: I helped with 3 snowmen, 1 cat and 1 dog.
There were several casualties including a couple of ears and a head and I've just remembered that we didn't put scarves or hats on our snow people. I hope they survive the elements.

I thought perhaps if I moved around enough over the holiday period (a few days with my Swiss fam, a few days with NickNatTayaAbbyGeorgia, and a few days with friends) then I could accidentally miss having to ski. It would be a pity and all but at least I would escape with my dignity this season.
It was a good plan.
Not good enough.
Until there is a major blizzard tomorrow, I will ski. I somehow agreed. What was I thinking? I can see my dignity flash before my eyes.

Two weeks today til we fly out of Zurich to Miami.

2 days til Christmas.

12 hours til I lose any remaining scraps of dignity. MLF3 did tell me she might "sometimes wait for me on the pistes."

Merry Christmas all. I leave you with a photo of my fellow slope buddies. This one was taken in our village.

Anyone know a blizzard dance?


  1. Hahahaha! Have a womderful Christmas :) love pix

  2. Hey Cousin Kylie, Happy Christmas to you!! I will miss you here at Christmas - next year we will have to try and all be here at the same time together. Have an awesome white Christmas!
    Love you, Karen.

  3. Listen Kylie - if you are going to lose your dignity on the ski slopes, make sure you do it in front of those guys. Hahahaha! Have a wonderful white snowy Christmas!!!

  4. Kylie - you dont need dignity to be awesome! Besides you have one who is your dignity as well as your battlefield and your sword for the fight etc etc etc

    love you merry xmas

  5. you shoulda tried the nutbush as a blizzard dance....you never know. it coulda worked :-)