...I suspect I may be the luckiest kid in the world

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Am Not Your Friend. A Tale of Friendship.

Good night, my little friend (3). Have a good sleep.

I am not your friend.

What? I think we are friends.

No. You are the Au Pair and I am your kind (child).

Ok. Good night, my little kind (child). Sleep well.

No, I am not little.

Ok. Good night, my kind (child). Have a good sleep.

No! I am a big kind (child).

Ok!! Good night, my big kind (child). Go to sleep.

Good night.

MLF3's final words before bed.
Have been working on a blog of the Italy-France trip but it's taking a while, especially since Blogger deleted half of it today. (Scum!!) But it's coming....
Also, an excellent exciting birthday present was received (actually I had lots of lovely ones) but one in particular should show up in a photo or two sometime soon.


  1. quite rude i think...
    of course you are her friend!!!!
    love u kylie!

  2. Well Kylie, if you wish it, I have some friends who can see to it that she is never heard of again.

  3. :D I love hearing your stories!