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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Esmerelda, Is That You?

Just in case you didn't know...the Eifel Tower is HUGE. I never knew it was so big. It towers (no pun intended) over the rest of Paris by a mile (or something like 300 something metres). Tomorrow I have the full intention of climbing to the top!

We're staying in a crazy quirky hotel in the absolute heart of Pareee. Unfortunately they decided to use jack hammers in the absolute heart of Pareee this morning.
Dear Construction Men, please do your thang in the outskirts tomorrow morning.

We have a wonderful view of the Notre Dame from our window, from the Hotel Esmerelda. There seems to be a old lady living in the reception room of our hotel. Last night she told me she owned the hotel.
She might be right....she is there all the time, sleeping in the chair. Sometimes I feel the need to go and shake her, just to check she is still with us.
And I think she may be Esmerelda. Even though the original Esmerelda was Victor Hugo's fictional character - somewhere back in the 1830's.....there is still a chance. This lady is rather old. And everyone needs an inspiration, even Victor Hugo.

Today we joined the throng of tourists and sat aboard an open topped bus and saw some of the sights this way. I had an overwhelming urge quite a few times to spit my chewing gum on the heads of people walking along the pavement. Would this be wrong? Why do I get these thoughts? Where do they come from? I'm not a bad person. It's just...tempting.

I saw the Moulin Rouge today. And a few locations for the film Amelie....I may have even seen Amelie running down the street. Still an unconfirmed sighting though. Again, a fictional character but....

I also saw some bad guys get chased by policemen on bicycles.

Exciting stuff. Paris.


  1. Wish I was there with you... :-D

  2. I know what you mean, there is nothing more tempting than wanting to spit chewing gum on people's heads...

  3. Would I love to go to Paris. Hotel Esmerelda sounds awesome! :D

  4. ugh. Your freakin "I'm at a cafe in Paree" comment... killing me. So jealous:)

    just say no to chewing gum.

    The high-speed bicycle pursuit would have been a highlight for sure.

    ugh. <--trying not to stay jealous.

  5. Have you taken tons of pictures of the Eiffel Tower when it is lit up at night? I thought that was when Paris looked the best was at night with all the city lights around. While yu are in Paree you must try Creme Brulee!
    Just a helpful hint!
    Love and Stars