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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

During a late afternoon game of Yatzee today I put a CD on. MLF1 really liked the song and turned it up rather loud. Half-way through the first song Mami came home.
Kinda looked like we were blasting music and playing betting games.
Alcohol, kids?

We're on School Holidays!
I finished The Little Prince today.
We made bread.
This bread ended up becoming 1 horse, 1 dolphin, 1 starfish, 1 cat, 2 turtles, and 1 Spanish looking guy.
Today I wore my shirt backwards.
This was pointed out mid morning by MLF3.
MLF1's friend (German-speaking only) understood what I said today.
Even if it's not perfect German, I can be understood. Yesssss.
The girl's friend is here visiting for the week. She speaks French.
I really like her. I think if we spoke the same language we'd make good friends. She's 12.
I had to rescue a butterfly, a lizard, and a mouse today from the cats. The butterfly will live to see another day. The lizard will find life a bit hard without a tail. The mouse - well, it probably saw better days and will not see anymore days.


  1. Apparently my cat dragged a mouse into the kitchen this morning. I surmised this through my bedroom door from first the squeaking, followed by the repeated hysterics of my mom yelling (at my cat) to take it outside, and ending with my mom's stifled tears (she's touchy about dead animals). By the time I got out to the kitchen, my cat was being praised for being a "good mouser". Strange...

    By the way, I worked in Winterthur, but left around the same time as Bec. So that's why we never met. I came across your blog on facebook, and just love your stories :)

  2. Kylie, I think you're forgetting everything we taught you. I can't believe you had your shirt on backward and had to be corrected by a four year old!

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