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Friday, July 31, 2009

One Big Giant Cliche


Swiss fam left this morning for their holidays.

Mum and Dad arrived this week on Tuesday and it's crazy that they're here in my little world over here.

Swiss fam has been lovely about having Mum and Dad here...and I was so proud of the girls for using the English with my parents and they have been so good at talking with my parents.

MLF3 even wanted to call them on the phone last night when they were out - to tell them to come home.

Have been showing Zurich to them this week and they've gone off exploring by themselves this afternoon (will they come back alive?!)

We're heading off to Venice tomorrow morning - (rather early, what was I thinking?!)

Had the most amazing weekend last weekend in the mountains. It was like one big giant cliche. Green hills, snow capped mountains, mountain huts, cows, cow bells....always cow bells....so many cow bells...

Seriously if I was a cow and I had to hear the bell in my face every time I moved I would want to hurt someone....

We cooked over an open fire, slept in the straw and didn't shower. Ahhh.
We had to apologize to the lady who had to sit with us on the train coming home...I learnt how to apologize for stinking in German!

We also went rock climbing - on real rock walls - out in the mountains! So crazy.
It's completely different to indoor rock climbing. You spend this time practicing at the climbing centres, but when you're out on cliff?! it's a whole other game.

You can't really prepare for it - you can try, but until you get out there and do it, it's hard to understand what it is like.

And it's so much better. The view is amazing - and it's worth it.
It's worth the effort, the sweat, the strength.

So much better!


  1. umm, who is this writing these blogs...sure don't sound like my sister scaling mountain walls...who used to lag behind on all family walks..."I'm hot! I'm hungry! Isn't this far enough??"

    I ask again...who are you..?

  2. Whoa. I am so jealous Kylie. You have one cool life.

    :-) Your mama find the chocolate place yet???

  3. How DO you say 'Sorry, I stink.' in German??

    Must be so nice to have your folks there :)

  4. WOAH! Rock climbing. I have to say it - you go girl! :)

  5. You are one brave gal. That rock climbing looks scary! Where do you do that?

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow! I really feel I need to go out more after reading this.

  7. Good to hear from you gal. Have fun with your Ma and Pa

  8. You must have the coolest nannying job EVER. All the girls I've ever known who've done it have just gone to really BORING places. I LOVE that photo of you at the top of the mountain. Julie Andrews eat your heart out! :)

    Karyn Ahern

  9. Yeah, I want to know the same thing as Hannah...
    How DO you say 'Sorry, I stink' in German?

  10. You wild scaler of mountains you!!! I am so impressed - slightly giggly though, thinking of you in a herd of cows, missing only the plaits in your hair and a lovely frilly milkmaids apron. Or perhaps Mumsy was wearing those? Anyway, have a wonderful time with your M & D, give them my love and tell her she will need to buy another suitcase over there to bring back all the chocolate that she will be sending to her old, dear friend!!

  11. your pictures make me jealous of your life.
    no, but really.

    and how awesome is climbing?! Looks like you did great and had fun :)

  12. Wow, how magnificent is that last shot!