...I suspect I may be the luckiest kid in the world

Monday, May 24, 2010

Have Your Castle - And Eat It Too

Would you believe that we've had the most beautiful run of weather here in Ireland? Everyone warned me of horrible nasty weather and I came prepared mentally - and with plenty of winter clothes.

So far, we've had nothing but sunshine.

I love it.

Have hired a car for the last 4 days and we're back in Dublin tonight after seeing too much beauty.

Cliffs and rolling hills and millions of Pubs and castles, castles and more castles.

Today I waded my way into the Blarney Castle.*** It was SOOO expensive to get it, so I decided not to kiss that Blarney stone (ewww! a gazillion germs!) - but when I realized I could take a little swim in the river and end up at the castle for FREE, well, who am I to say no to a swim eh? (Still wiping those germs off, though)

Then I got a ride in a police car. But that was because, um, we ran out of fuel, and the very nice police man gave us a lift.

I want to live in sunny Ireland. The Police men are so friendly :)

** My Mother would like to be noted that she did not bring me up to wade my way into castles....


  1. Ireland must be beautiful, take an extra step for me. Love you

  2. im so upset you got in for free. wish we traveled together ALL THE TIME. good (free) things happen when we are together.

  3. You are NOT living in Ireland! Even if there are friendly policeman! We want you here!