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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Please Don't Steal Me" - The Desperate Plea of a Pink Bike

I know many of you are waiting with baited breath for news of the PB (Pink Bike).

After first trying to get it onto a bus 1. without the driver seeing it (not easy, pretty much impossible) REFUSED and 2. casually pretending there wasn't a problem REFUSED, I stashed it behind a church. Sacred ground and all that. Please don't get stolen.

The girls and I went home, we had dinner and I put them to bed. Still not sure how I was going to retrieve the PB. I had visions of walking into town and then riding back (a feat that would have taken all night - SO NOT happening!) So I called the lovely neighbours, and with my desperate pleading they agreed to drive me into town and pick up the PB.

I felt like a thief, creeping around the church grounds in the dark and putting a random bike in the back of the car.

The black clothing and balaclava I was wearing probably only fueled people's suspicions. Hey, I was cold.

PB is now home safe and sound. It had better be used, pinkness and all!


  1. Now I can sleep nights. Was so worried that the bike was still hidden behind the church...

    If you show up on the wanted pages as a bike-stealer, I'll let you know...

  2. Thank the Lord, that is over. Bit like Kaity I can now have a good night's sleep

  3. Phe-ew. You had me there with your last post. So glad you are reunited with your pink bike!!!

  4. It'd be funny if you got home and it was a different bike...

  5. Oh man! I Loooooove that pink bike. It has wild adventures written all over it. It's the sort of bike that when you aren't looking it actually flies. Has it got a basket at the front Kylie? If it hasn't (you should be ashamed) get yourself one with a placcy flower on the front and call the bike Esmerelda. Yes. You have to.